1. Commitment Is Key

For yoga photos, you want to be thinking more about holding than flowing. So leading up to the shoot, working on your breath and holding your asanas, with a smile in your eyes, will be important. 
Although the differences are subtle, the camera captures everything, so give the pose your all to really capture the full expression of what you're going for. Notice where your gaze is, soften your face, elongate and extend the reach of every part of your body, and just as you would in a yoga class, breathe into the pose. Warming up a bit before the shoot will also help you reach your full expression of the pose. You'll be trying to capture the moments when you're at the peak of your posture. 
2. Change Your Perspective And Find Balance

Think differently and get low and open up your eyes to a whole new world of poetic possibility! Getting low allows your subject and location to become one cohesive piece of art while giving the yogi a heroic feel. Also, don't forget about balance, assuring your photo is balanced and harmonious in all of its elements; from the objects that are being portrayed to abstract aspects like colors, light, and shadows. You want to aim for symmetry or intentional asymmetry. 
3. Equipment Doesn't Matter

It's not a phone with a camera it's a camera with a phone. Just reach into your pocket, and you'll find everything you'll need to capture the natural splendor of the life you live. It's more important that you enjoy what you are doing and connect with your audience than you go out and spend money on a camera. If you are enchanted by your surroundings and asanas, then your photography will show it. 
If you do have a nice camera where you can change your settings, don't be afraid to explore them. Using a low ISO will keep your photos from looking grainy or noisy while a high shutter speed will let you capture sharp focus through the images. If you're looking to achieve the oh so popular "portrait look" setting your camera to a wide open aperture (or low f-stop number) is key.
4. Arrive, Breathe, And Quietly Set Your Intention

Starting a yoga photo shoot is a lot like starting a yoga class. Just as you would arrive at your mat, you want to arrive at your location, take a few deep breaths, and set your intention for the shoot. This will allow you and your collaborators to enter a state of flow once the shoot begins. When you observe mindfully and note your surroundings, you will have confidence and clarity to get the shots you need. A little mindfulness goes a long way, and when you shoot with intention, you'll get exactly the photos you need.
5. When To Shoot?

Sunrise and sunset provide some ridiculously beautiful backdrops. Some call it the magic hour, or the golden hour. There is something divine about it, and you might get addicted to waiting for it to happen. As the sun starts or ends its day, it has a way of bringing out the beauty in everything. 

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